VeraSci Provides Powerful eCOA Solutions for Clinical Trials

Clinical Assessments, Trial Services and Language Services Across the Development Lifecycle

VeraSci provides clients with validated solutions and tools, trial services such as data management, consulting and language services in over 150 languages supported by more than 1,500 certified linguists worldwide.

What Sets VeraSci Apart

  • Exceptional scientific depth and clinical expertise to accelerate scientific discovery in clinical trials
  • Proprietary clinical, cognitive and functional tools validated in the VeraSci Innovation Lab
  • A sincere commitment to being your chosen thought partner
  • An unparalleled track record of delivering quality data
  • World-renowned breadth of international services and cultural adaptation of outcomes

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Our Trial Services
Our Trial Services

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Language Solutions

Intuitive Tools Designed with Dynamic
Next-Generation eCOA Technology

As global clinical trials become more complex, we believe that well-designed, science-driven processes and technologies are the best cure for sluggish timelines and noisy data. Our platform and tools can be easily configured to meet the needs of any study across the globe and can be used in research and practice settings alike to assess symptoms, cognition and functional capacity in a wide range of clinical indications.

Maximize the Scientific Accuracy of Your Global Clinical Trials

VeraSci believes better science plus better support equals clear results. Therapeutic innovation depends on complex interactions among people and processes working together to achieve more than the sum of their parts. Our services and technology integrate seamlessly across key operational processes, supporting a team-based approach to global scientific research.

Providing Scientifically Accurate Translations Worldwide

VeraSci has over a decade of experience providing language services for clinical trials conducted worldwide. We specialize in translation, interpretation, voice-over, training and localization in 150+ languages. Linguists must pass a stringent nationally and internationally recognized certification process and are supported by a team of PhDs and clinical professionals to guarantee scientifically accurate translations at all times.