The Future of Global Clinical Trials on One Pathway

Allow your trial to reach its full potential with Pathway, a dynamic eCOA platform easily configurable to meet the unique needs of any clinical trial. Pathway was thoughtfully designed to deliver the highest quality of clinical data, streamline site processes and improve patient experience.

Benefits of Pathway

For Study Teams

  • Rapid customization
  • Real-time data capture
  • Integrated data review capabilities
  • Improved site engagement
  • Copyright management
  • Integrated security & compliance features

For Site Staff

  • Simple and user-friendly tablet interface
  • One device for multiple assessments
  • Automated features and assisted scoring
  • Improves protocol compliance
  • Responsive help desk support

For Study Participants

  • High degree of usability in a variety of patient populations
  • Improved continuity from using one device for multiple assessments
  • Saves time and streamlines visit experience
  • Eases burden and facilitates better engagement

Why Choose Our Pathway?


VeraSci is recognized globally for our expertise in clinical and cognitive measurement and data quality assurance. We have been collecting and managing data from electronic assessments in industry clinical trials, academic studies and NIH funded research programs since our inception.

Proven Success

We implement rigorous testing and validation procedures to proactively anticipate challenges and ensure that all of our digital tools perform at the highest level. Our portal has credentialed hundreds of users and captured data from thousands of assessments, delivering next-generation technology with unrivaled dependability.

Regulatory Compliance

Our suite of software tools includes regulatory compliance features that ensure data integrity.

A Team You Can Trust

We have an in-house collaborative team dedicated to our internal software development and ongoing user support. Programmers, engineers, usability design experts and validation specialists are deeply integrated with scientists who have expertise in each specific outcome measure.