At VeraSci We Think Like Scientists

We Provide Comprehensive Support for Clinical Trials from Start to Finish

VeraSci is not just there in the beginning, we take care of your study objectives and data through the entire trial. As your chosen thought partner, we leverage experience gained through hundreds of trials and ensure the highest quality data, all while anticipating any issues that can derail or delay your study before they arise.

Site Services

From site selection to rater training and data review, we know how to support site performance and high-quality data collection.

Language Services

VeraSci is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of language and translation services delivered at the pace to support global clinical trials.

Data Management

Central data review and quality assurance to enhance reliability and improve data integrity.


Our team is ready and able to help guide your drug development

Site Services

Site Selection

VeraSci works with sponsors to identify sites with the right experience, the right staff and the right capabilities to ensure protocol compliance and deliver high quality data. Focusing on sites with low placebo response rates and high enrollment can help get trials off to a strong start. We provide additional guidance to ensure that trials are equipped with the best sites to meet their needs.

Training and Certification

Engagement, quality and performance all start with site training. Developed by experienced clinicians with input from seasoned site raters, our training incorporates useful strategies to overcome common challenges in test administration.

SiteCam, Powered by Advanced Visuals, Inc.

SiteCam is state-of-the-art technology for recording clinical and cognitive testing sessions, allowing for the most accurate review of rater performance.

Benefits of SiteCam:

  • Ensures standardized test administration across multiple sites and raters
  • Used across the globe in phase 2 and phase 3 trials
  • Improves data quality
  • User-friendly for raters
  • Secured source encryption technology for end-to-end data protection
  • Tamper-proof
  • 24/7 Help Desk support
  • Identifies fraudulent practices

Language Services

Clinical Trial Translations, Cultural Adaptation and Linguistic Validation

VeraSci has over a decade of experience providing language services for clinical trials conducted worldwide. We specialize in translation, localization, interpretation, and training in 150+ languages as well as translation and cultural adaptation to support eCOA implementation.
Our linguists must pass a stringent nationally and internationally recognized certification process and are supported by a team of PhDs and clinical professionals to guarantee scientifically accurate translations at all times.

Accurate Translations and Cultural Adaptations Can Make or Break Your Trial

Quality Matters

  • Translating languages and accounting for cultural adaptation are a fraction of a clinical trial, but are critical as the costs of incorrect translations are high and the risks to patients are real
  • By working together with sponsors, regulatory committees and other suppliers of research-related services, our team of linguists can cut costs and ensure successful international clinical trials

Instrument Errors Corrected Prior to Use

  • Results suggest proposed methods for cultural adaptation can identify and correct errors prior to use in clinical trials, yielding gains in the reliability and validity of translated instruments
Trial Participant Understanding is Key

  • Both translation and localization services are necessary to accurately represent the implementation and outcomes of clinical trials
  • Cultural adaptation can improve the quality of formally translated instruments by ensuring tasks, stimuli, instructions and scoring are appropriate for populations of interest

Enhanced Data Signal

  • Detailed attention to these issues is likely to enhance any real signal as a clinical trial, where the translated instrument serves as an endpoint

Data Management

Science-Driven Data Management Review

Conclusive signal detection depends on high quality data collection. Our expert reviewers identify administration inconsistencies and provide central scoring for a wide range of clinical and cognitive assessments, with rapid turnaround that ensures a clean dataset in real time. This helps sites save time, stay engaged and stay informed about study-specific
assessment procedures. The VeraSci data reviewers and scientific team are available as resources to investigators and site raters throughout the duration of a clinical trial. We also provide study teams with comprehensive site performance metrics and can swiftly identify sites that may need extra support.

Scientific and Regulatory Consulting Services

VeraSci Incorporates the Latest Insights in Clinical Assessments from Academic
Research, Regulatory Guidance and Industry Expertise

VeraSci provides unparalleled expertise in clinical and neurocognitive assessment, experimental design and data analysis. We can help you select the most scientifically valid and sensitive measures for a broad range of clinical indications.

VeraSci is equally fortified by the strong connections with the academic community, including our world-class Scientific Advisors, and ongoing productive collaborations with a wide network of academic and industry leaders in every medical discipline.

We have also been involved in the regulatory process at the FDA and several European countries, and engage regularly with current and former regulatory leaders, such as Dr. Luca Pani, former Italian AIFA Director General. Our Scientific Team adopts a supportive and collaborative approach to working with both large and small drug development programs to help meet all of your scientific and regulatory objectives.